Wedding Invitations – Timeless Romance

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Timeless Romance Wedding Invitation ©2015 Aerie Earth +Sea

Looking through more wedding invitations, I ran onto this lovely set I named, “Timeless Romance”. The bloom here is a pretty Hibiscus enrobed with droplets of rain. I had taken the photo immediately following a rainstorm.

After altering the photo to have a soft appearance, I gave it a scratch-like finish on top. Flowers lend themselves to digital alteration and can be incorporated into virtually any art style with great results.


Wedding Invitations – Garden Cottage

chinoserie wedding set

These wedding invitations are made using an antique chinoserie background layered over a weathered piece of wood I had photographed while out hiking. I take photos of many objects that could be incorporated as a background or other element in one of my digital collages.

Rusty farm equipment, striations in rocks and patterns in tree bark are just a few useful images for digital collage. If you haven’t tried this technique in Photoshop or another photo editior, give it a whirl, the results can be very interesting.

Orchid Love

Orchid Leaves – Transitions ©2015 Aerie Earth & Sea – Print Available ETSY SHOP

Collecting orchid leaves in three stages of decline or rather decay, I was struck by the immediate beauty these three formed when placed next to one another. The darker green in the back leaf maintained green made possible by chlorophyll, the middle leaf, yellow from lack of chlorophyll.

Limited chlorophyll allows carotenoids and anthrocyanins residing in the leaf to become visible. These give leaves the yellow (carotenids) and russet, purplish (anthocyanins) colors. In the foreground of the altered photograph is a dried, semi-crumpled leaf with dark spots designating further decay.

Typically I gravitate toward the blooms of anything that has them, but I really found these three leaves striking. The orchid continued to hold it’s lovely blooms despite the leaf dropping.

Some of the greatest examples of botanical art are found in plates/sketches created by early plant hunters.

This is an awesome example:Cattleya labiata  and var. semialba discovered in 1818 in Brazil. Very fragrant, this orchid is extremely beautiful in person and is so perfect that it almost doesn’t look real.